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This statement switches the local update on. In the local update, high priority update function modules that are registered in the current SAP LUW using CALL FUNCTION ... IN UPDATE TASK are stored in the ABAP memory instead of the VB... DDIC database tables. They are executed immediately in the current process and not in the update work process within the current database LUW, when the statement COMMIT WORK is executed. This statement has no effect on low-priority update function modules.

At the beginning of every SAP LUW, the local update function is deactivated. If required, it must be activated again before the first update function module is registered.

The local update is executed in a separate internal session of the current ABAP session and not in a dedicated update session.

System Fields

sy-subrc Meaning
0 The local update function is activated.
1 The local update function has not been activated, because the program has already registered at least one update function module for the regular updating procedure in the current SAP LUW.


  • The local update function performs a synchronous update after the statement COMMIT WORK, independently of the addition AND WAIT.
  • If a database rollback occurs during the local update, all previous change requests are affected.
  • The profile parameter abap/force_local_update_task can be used to set the local update centrally for an AS ABAP. This should be done with great care, however, and while respecting all updates that can take place in the system. If not, the behavior of programs not intended for local updates may change. The performance of database locks may also be affected negatively.


Activation of the local update for the subsequent registrations of update function modules using the statement CALL FUNCTION IN UPDATE TASK.


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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