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SHIFT, direction

Short Reference

... $[LEFT$|RIGHT$] $[CIRCULAR$] ...


1. ... LEFT$|RIGHT


Addition 1



The shift direction is defined using LEFT or RIGHT. If neither of the additions is specified, LEFT is used implicitly. If the data object dobj is a string and the addition CIRCULAR is not specified, it is truncated when shifted to the left by the places shifted and extended accordingly when shifted to the right.


The content of text field text is moved one place to the right, which means that the digit "9" is lost. The data type string would extend the string by one space.

Addition 2



Using the addition CIRCULAR, the content shifted from the data object to the left or to the right, is inserted again in the places that become available on the opposite side. If the addition CIRCULAR is specified, data objects of the type string or xstring are not truncated or extended. Instead, they are handled like data objects of fixed length.

This example is a variant of the second example under places. Using the addition CIRCULAR makes the result "you know I know".

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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