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sum( )

... sum(field) ....


For the fields field1, field2, ... of the field groups of an extract dataset, data objects named sum(field1), sum(field2), ... of the same data type as field1, field2, ... are created automatically. These fields can be accessed only within a LOOP and are filled with values for sorted extract datasets using the statements AT END OF and AT LAST: If field1, field2, ... are fields with numeric data type, sum(field1), sum(field2), ... contain the total of the values of field1, field2, ... within the group level or the entire dataset.

If the fields sum(field1), sum(field1), ... are accessed without first sorting the extract dataset, an uncatchable exception can be raised.


  • No substring access sum(len) can be made on a data object called sum without an explicit offset specification. The compiler always interprets an offset specified like this as a field for an extract dataset.

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