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ABAP Short Reference   BAL_S_LOG - Application Log: Log header data  
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Short Reference

                 $[PROGRAM prog$] $[DIRECTORY ENTRY dir$]
                 $[WITH CURRENT SWITCHSTATES$]


1. ... PROGRAM prog




This statement executes a syntax check on the content of the internal table itab. The internal table itab must be a standard table without secondary table keys with a character-like line type.

If the internal table does not contain syntactically correct ABAP source code, then:

  • The error message of the first syntax error is assigned to variable mess. mess must be a character-like data object.
  • The line number of the first syntax error, with reference to the program in which it occurs (either the source code in itab or an integrated include program included there) is assigned to the variable lin. lin expects the data type i.
  • The first token with errors is assigned to the variable wrd. wrd must be a character-like data object.

The additions PROGRAM and DIRECTORY ENTRY are used to set the attributes for the syntax check. The addition WITH CURRENT SWITCHSTATES affects which switch configuration is used for the syntax check. The other error_handling additions can be used to identify other attributes of the first syntax error.

System Fields

sy-subrc Meaning
0 The internal table itab contains a syntactically correct ABAP program.
4 The internal table itab does not contain a syntactically correct ABAP program.
8 A runtime error occurred in the syntax check.

If a runtime error occurs during the syntax check (sy-subrc has the value 8), a database rollback is executed in the usual manner. As usual, the short dump of the runtime error can be found in the ABAP Dump Analysis.

If the internal addition ID is specified with ERR, the value 6 can also occur for sy-subrc.


It is not necessary to execute the statement SYNTAX-CHECK directly before GENERATE SUBROUTINE POOL or GENERATE REPORT, since the syntax check is always performed when these statements are executed.

Addition 1

... PROGRAM prog

Addition 2



These additions are used to specify the program attributes used for the syntax check.

  • The PROGRAM addition is used to specify in prog the name of an ABAP program whose program attributes are to be used for the syntax check. prog must be a character-like data object, whose content is not case-sensitive. If the specified program is not found, the program type is set to 1 and the other attributes are set to general standard values.
  • After the DIRECTORY ENTRY addition, a data object dir must be specified, whose data type corresponds to the structure of database table TRDIR from the ABAP Dictionary. The required program attributes can be specified in the components of this structure. Invalid values are replaced implicitly by internally defined standard values.

At least one of the two additions PROGRAM or DIRECTORY ENTRY must be specified. If both additions are specified, the program attributes are determined by the structure dir.

The ABAP language version used for the syntax check is either taken from program prog or from component UCCHECK of structure dir. If a restricted language version like ABAP for Cloud Development or ABAP for Key Users is set, the syntax check leads to errors if:

This check depends on the software component to which the program specified by prog or dir is assigned. This assignment is done in database table TDEVC for the package of the program. The statement SYNTAX-CHECK gets the package of the program from database table TADIR. It cannot be overridden by a component of structure dir.


  • It is advisable to use the addition PROGRAM, since the components of the structure dir and their valid values are only known to the ABAP runtime framework. If the addition DIRECTORY ENTRY is used in application programs nevertheless, the content of the structure dir should be set by reading the appropriate entry from the database table TRDIR and by modifying only such components that are identifiable.
  • Examples of program attributes that are important for the syntax check are the program types and the ABAP language version.


Syntax check for source code in itab. By reading the attributes of the current program from the database TRDIR into the structure dir, these can be used after DIRECTORY ENTRY. When the version ID in the component dir-uccheck is set, the first syntax check is performed in the same way as for programs with the obsolete language version . The second syntax check is executed as for programs with language version . The first syntax check finds the error indicating that the program is not Unicode-enabled. The second syntax check always identifies the error when the addition BYTE or CHARACTER MODE is missing from the statement DESCRIBE.

Program generation

Addition 3



This addition causes the syntax check to use the switch configuration of Switch Framework as it was when the current transaction was called. Without the addition, the switch configuration valid when the statement is executed is used.

  • This addition causes the syntax check to run with the same switch states from the Switch Framework as when the statement GENERATE SUBROUTINE POOL was executed.
  • Without the addition, the syntax check is performed in the same way as for any regular compilation of ABAP programs.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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