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TYPES, BEGIN OF struct_type

Short Reference

TYPES BEGIN OF struc_type.
  TYPES comp ...
 TYPES comp TYPE struc_type BOXED.
TYPES END OF struc_type.


Definition of a structured type struc_type. This is introduced using a TYPES statement with the addition BEGIN OF and must end with a TYPES statement with the addition END OF.

The following can be included between these TYPES statements:

  • Any TYPES statements, particularly other completed structure definitions.

Structured types must not be created without at least one component.

The TYPES statements within the statements BEGIN OF and END OF define the components of the structured type struc_type. If a component is a structured type or if a new structured type is defined within a structure using BEGIN OF and END OF, substructures are created. A structure with substructures is a nested structure.

A component of struc_type cannot be declared with reference to struc_type itself. If the name struc_type is specified after TYPE in the declaration of a component, a search is performed for the next type with this name in a higher visibility section, and used if found. If there is no other global type of this name, a syntax error occurs.

If a component is created as a table type, it must not be generic. The name of a component cannot be the reserved name of the pseudo component table_line.

The statement INCLUDE defines components of the structured type struc_type by copying the components of a differently structured type or an existing structure at the same level.

The components of a structured type are addressed using the name struc_type and the name of the component, separated by the structure component selector (-).


  • A structure type is always fully specified. There is no generic structure type.
  • The statements for defining a structure type are usually summarized in a chained statement if possible.

This example defines two structured types, street_type and address_type. address_type contains structured types as components. The definition of zipcode_type shows the access to substructures.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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