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Dynamic WHERE condition. For cond_syntax any character-like data object or standard table with character-like line type can be specified that, when the statement is executed and with the following exceptions, contains the syntax of a logical expression in accordance with the rules of the static WHERE condition or is initial. The following are not supported in a dynamic WHERE condition:

The syntax in cond_syntax is not case-sensitive as in the static syntax. When an internal table is specified, the syntax can be distributed across multiple lines. If cond_syntax is initial when the statement is executed, the logical expression is true. Invalid logical expressions raises an exception from the class CX_SY_ITAB_DYN_LOOP. See Security Risks Caused by Input from Outside.


The dynamic WHERE condition is not evaluated for an empty table for optimization reasons. Therefore, if an internal table is empty, and a logical expression has errors, no exception is raised.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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