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WRITE, ext_format_options

Short Reference

... $[COLOR       ${$[=$]${color $[ON$]$}$|OFF$}$|${= col$}$]
    $[INTENSIFIED $[${ON$|OFF$}$|${= flag$}$]$]
    $[INVERSE     $[${ON$|OFF$}$|${= flag$}$]$]
    $[HOTSPOT     $[${ON$|OFF$}$|${= flag$}$]$]
    $[INPUT       $[${ON$|OFF$}$|${= flag$}$]$]
    $[FRAMES      $[${ON$|OFF$}$|${= flag$}$]$]
    $[RESET$] ...


The meaning of the additions is the same as for the statement FORMAT, with the difference that they only affect the output of the current WRITE statement. If the additions are not specified, the standard settings described in FORMAT or the settings set by the previous FORMAT statements are used.


The use of such an addition in the WRITE statement overrides the standard settings or the formats set by the previous FORMAT statements for exactly one output and for exactly the property concerned. All the other properties and the subsequent WRITE statements are not affected.


Changes the background color for output of the data object sum. All other output and any spaces between the output have the background color that is set in the FORMAT statement.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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