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WRITE - Output as icon


You can output certain characters as icons using the addition ...AS ICON. You should only address these characters with their system-defined names. The include <ICON> (or the more comprehensive include <LIST>) contains the relevant identifiers as constants, e.g. ICON_OKAY (see List of icons).


WRITE: / ICON_OKAY AS ICON,         "output as icon
         'Text line'.


Although an output length of 2 characters is enough for most icons, some (e.g. the traffic light icons ICON_RED_LIGHT, ...) have a greater output length.
You can determine the length of an icon with DESCRIBE FIELD ICON_... output length ....
You cannot print out all list icons. The printable icons are flagged as such in the 'list of icons' mentioned above.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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