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RIBELF20 - Display Document Flow

RIBELF20 - Display Document Flow

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Display Document Flow


The report is used to output lists of all the objects involved in a document flow. The document flow shows the development of a document and gives you an overview of preceding and subsequent documents as well as their status.


The following documents are displayed:

Customer Service/Plant Maintenance

  • Maintenance plan item
  • Notification
  • Order
  • Paging object
  • Confirmation

You can display the preceding order and/or follow-on order for one or more maintenance orders selected in the document flow. Similarly, you can display the follow-on notification for the order number which is selected in the document flow.
The system displays exactly one level above and below the selected order irrespective of your settings for the Maximum Link Depth in the Filter group box.

Note: The system can only display the single-level hierarchy for preceding and follow-on orders or follow-on notification,
if both the switch EAM_SFWS_ORDER_DOC_FLOW_ENH and the switch EAM_SFWS_CC3_FOLLOW_UP_ORDER are active.

Sales and Distribution

  • Service agreement and contract
  • Request for quotation and quotation
  • Sales order and order without charge
  • Delivery
  • Return and returns delivery
  • Credit memo request, credit memo, credit memo reversal
  • Debit memo request and debit memo
  • Invoice and invoice reversal

Quality Management

  • Quality notification

Materials Management

  • Purchase requisition
  • Purchase order
  • Goods receipt, goods issue, and goods movement cancelations
  • Request for quotation
  • Service entry sheet
  • Invoice document

The system displays the type, number, date, and status of each document in the list. You can navigate directly to a document by double-clicking on it. The system displays additional columns, such as document type, description, material number, item category, and movement type, due to the default implementation of Business Add-In BAdI: Display Additional Columns in Document Flow (EAM_CC_DOC_FLOW_ADD_COLUMNS). You can save a layout with the columns you want displayed, their sequence, and how they are sorted.

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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