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00031 - FW: Missing Transport Icon in TMS

00031 - FW: Missing Transport Icon in TMS

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FW: Missing Transport Icon in TMS

Thanks for all the responses I got back. The problem was that I tried a
client export last night (SCC8). 2 of the transport requests that it
created were in the list. One of them did not have a client assigned to it.
Once I assigned it one, the litlle truck reappeared. Now if Ican just get
rid of all the table differences!! Again thank you all!!!

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Sugg, Chris
> Sent: Tuesday, December 12, 2000 10:14 AM
> To: SAPLIST (E-mail)
> Subject: Missing Transport Icon in TMS
> Hello Sapling's.
> I am trying to transport requests in TMS but when I bring up the Import
> Que, my little truck to import the requests is missing. My menu looks
> like this:
> Anyone ever seen this before? Note 214804 talks about missing ICONs but
> says you get a dump with an error msg> which I do not. I can select the
> requests to transport, just no means of releasing them.
> Enjoying SAP more and more,
> Chris Sugg
> SAP Basis Administrator
> NACCO Materials Handling Group
> 1400 Sullivan Drive
> Greenville, NC 27834-2011
> Phone: (252) 695-1912
> Fax #: (252) 931-0934

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