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00061 - Performance problems

00061 - Performance problems

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Performance problems

Hi Eirikur,

sorry for the late answer.
I did the same select on a 4.6B system, Support package level 22, with 4.D
Kernel (209).

The first call was completed in 41 seconds, all following in 17 seconds.

Of course there is a slight difference in our hardware, this test ran on a
830/8 with 6 gb and 2 productive SAP-systems.

Beste Grüsse / best regards

Volker Fleischmann

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> Betreff: Performance problems
> Dear saplings,
> Scenario:
> My company is doing an implementation on an as400 which is going live
> beginning of 2001.
> There is a growing concern among the consultants and users of this
> installation that performance and response is not acceptable.
> The consultants have been comparing this installation(AS400 with 2cpu)
> with another Windows installation(2cpu) and all examples take at least
> 2 times longer on the AS400.
> In general we also feel that the cpu's get quickly saturated(go above
> 80 usage) by starting reports.
> We have gone through a goinglive check session, where sap stated that the
> hw config is OK for golive, but still
> the consultants insist that response times are not acceptable.
> configuration details:
> The as400 is a 9406-720(cpu type 207B) with 2GB RAM.
> We have both sap systems running on this 1 machine(DEV+TST and production)
> R/3 is version 4.6B, OS/400 is V4R4M0.
> Latest ptf's , kernel and hot packages.
> Total users will be 20-24, mostly TR and FI.
> Example:
> going to SE38, selecting all reports which begin with s (S*) , change
> restriction to 10000 hits.
> This selection takes1-4 minutes on the as400 but 20-30 sec on the windows
> machine.
> Has anyone done a small project on similar hardware, who might care
> to share their experience with me.
> Rgds, Eirikur.

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