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00068 - REXX procedure O4MAIN not found.

00068 - REXX procedure O4MAIN not found.

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REXX procedure O4MAIN not found.


try to check all QREXSRC in your *LIBL. Especially interesting is here a
QREXSRC before your kernel-lib. This would case trouble. Please rename a
QREXSRC before your kernel-lib (DSPLIBL, WRKOBJ QREXSRC). This is because
the command (nearly every AS/400 command of SAP from 4.6C on) searches for
the member O4MAIN in the file QREXSRC. It just checks the first QREXSRC of
the *LIBL. When O4MAIN is not in there, it fails. Due to the fact, that the
customer can name the kernel lib as he like, it is unfortunately not
possible to "hard-code" the LIB for the file QREXSRC.


Volker Gueldenpfennig

P.S.: Sorry, you had nothing in your old e-mails, because I replied only to
Chris Sugg instead of replying to the group as well.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Joel.CoxZh... [mailto:Joel.CoxZh...]
> Sent: Donnerstag, 14. Dezember 2000 18:35
> To: sap400Zm...
> Subject: REXX procedure O4MAIN not found.
> We are in the process of building a 4.6 system and we're
> having some problems
> with the PREPARE. I recall a few months ago that there was a
> question about the
> error message we are receiving. Unfortunately, I can't
> locate the responses in
> my saved EMails. Could someone please offer some suggestions
> to resolve this
> issue.
> The prepare issues the message 'Checking status of InfoAPAR file
> /tmp/infoapar.450' Press enter to continue and receive error
> 'REXX procedure O4MAIN not found.'
> Thanks in advance for your assistance.
> Joel Cox
> Manager, ERP Technical Services
> Hollister Incorporated

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