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00090 - SQL Commands with SAP

00090 - SQL Commands with SAP

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SQL Commands with SAP


As far as the SQLUTIL utility goes, here is quote from IBM's INFOAPAR
II11832 (for OS release V4R4):

The tools listed below may be used when running SAP R/3 on the
AS/400. Unless you are installing SAP on V4R4 for the first
time, you likely already have these tools in library QGPTOOLS
and no action is necessary. If they do not exist, you must
download the cover letter for PTF SF55871 and follow the
instructions for creating the tools.

The following programs are included in the PTF
DSPSTMF Display Stream File
RCLSPACE Reclaim Space

NOTE: A problem has been identified with the RCLSPACE tool that
could result in data loss and system errors. Any customer using
the RCLSPACE tool available via QUSRTOOLS, IBM PTF SF41518, or
the 'SAP Implementation for AS/400' Redbook CD, should take the
following action. If you use this tool you should immediately
download the latest version from the internet site:
to ensure you have a version of this tool which has been

So, there is no expense for SQLUTIL. However, having used it, I will say
that it lacks a LOT of functionality.

We purchased and use ACCESS/SQL, a 3rd-party utility. It is by far much
better than SQLUTIL and far less expensive than IBM's SQL.
Check it out at .

As for the other development tools (PDM, SDA, SEU, etc.), we did not
purchase them on our production machine due to the expense. In hindsight,
this was a VERY BAD mistake. Because we interface with other systems, we
have been forced to develop our interfaces on another machine (we use CL
and RPG ILE) and FTP the objects to the production machine. Thus, the
source is on one machine and the objects on another. VERY time consuming,
VERY frustrating, and incredibly counter-productive. But, we do manage. I
believe that the development time alone has more than doubled for these
interfaces and the development tools could have already paid for

Just my two cents.


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Subject: SQL Commands with SAP

Hello to all!
Question: Do you need the SQL utilities (STRSQL or SQLUTIL) for such
things as a homogenous system copy or are there AS/400 SQL commands that
are standard that can be used in place? In other words, is it worth
investing in these utilities when we use them very infrequently?
Any information on the subject will be much appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

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