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00099 - Antwort: SQL Commands with SAP

00099 - Antwort: SQL Commands with SAP

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Antwort: SQL Commands with SAP

Hi Greg,
if you really use SQL that rarely it's absolutely sufficient if you have
on your system, which comes in a PTF (together with DSPSTMF, ...) and is
free of charge.
For use of STRSQL you'd have to order and pay for license program 5769ST1.
STRSQL surely has a lot of advantages over SQLUTIL but in your case it
would not be worth the costs.

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gnelsonZw... am 18.12.2000 19:57:51

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Thema: SQL Commands with SAP

Hello to all!
Question: Do you need the SQL utilities (STRSQL or SQLUTIL) for such
things as a homogenous system copy or are there AS/400 SQL commands that
are standard that can be used in place? In other words, is it worth
investing in these utilities when we use them very infrequently?
Any information on the subject will be much appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

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