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00123 - SAP Archiving Solutions for AS/400

00123 - SAP Archiving Solutions for AS/400

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SAP Archiving Solutions for AS/400


We are using the IXOS solution utilising a 600 slot Optical Jukebox.
This seems to be going well, and we are nearing completion of the
implementation project.


Drew Clarke

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> Sent: Wednesday, December 20, 2000 8:51 PM
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> Subject: SAP Archiving Solutions for AS/400
> Hi All,
> I'm currently looking for an Archiving Solution to Archive SAP data off
> our
> AS/400. One product I found was IBM Content Manager CommonStore for SAP.
> This product doesn't seem to impress me.
> I'm wondering, what kind of Archiving Solutions are out there for SAP400,
> and how most of you handle data archiving.
> Thank you
> Eric
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