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00136 - SAP Archiving Solutions for AS/400

00136 - SAP Archiving Solutions for AS/400

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SAP Archiving Solutions for AS/400

Hi Eric,

we use EASY-Archiv as our archiving solution for SAP. It's much cheaper than
the IXOS
archiving software and also works fine. Unfortunately I don't know if they
have sales-
partners / consultants in Newzealand, but you can have a look at their
web-page first

Kind regards,

Michael Rautenberg
System Administrator / SAP Basis
Van Houten GmbH & Co. KG

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Betreff: SAP Archiving Solutions for AS/400

Hi All,

I'm currently looking for an Archiving Solution to Archive SAP data off our
AS/400. One product I found was IBM Content Manager CommonStore for SAP.
This product doesn't seem to impress me.

I'm wondering, what kind of Archiving Solutions are out there for SAP400,
and how most of you handle data archiving.

Thank you

Eric Tang
System Administrator/SAP Basis
Progressive Enterprises Ltd
Ph :+649 275 2812

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