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00175 - Problem creating link between Two AS400 servers.

00175 - Problem creating link between Two AS400 servers.

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Problem creating link between Two AS400 servers.

We've seen similar problems with the userid on one side being
DISABLED, or the password expiring, or password no longer matching.

If you're having problems as QSECOFR, I'd try that userid first.

Jim Doll
--- In SAP on System, "Crosby Sinclair" <csinclaiZt...>
> Hello there my fellow saplings. Hope the new year is treating you
all well. Anyway I have a problem that I hope you guys can give me
some direction on. My problem is that over the weekend I did an IPL
to our production box, normally after the IPL I re-establish the link
between the two servers without any problem, however this weekend it
seems to doing weard things when I try to change the directory to
QFILESVR.400 it does it how ever when I try creating the link MKDIR
AS0001 the directory created but is empty and also the date that it
said it was created is JAN 02 1970 and also shows owner as QSECOFR
when it should be QSYS . If I try to link TP root to this directory
3.1I. Can anyone give me a suggestion as to how to correct this.
The command I user when sign on to the production system is as
> cd 'qfilesvr.400'
> mksir as0001
> cd '/usr/sap/trans'
> I have try it in upper and lower case on my box.
> HELP....
> Crosby Sinclair
> SAP/AS400 System Administrator
> Thomson Industries Inc.
> Internet
> E-mail csinclairZt...
> Phone (516) 944-1337
> Fax (516) 883-8012

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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