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00201 - Memory/System requirements for SAP

00201 - Memory/System requirements for SAP

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Memory/System requirements for SAP


We experienced the same problems with Windows 98 and 46B gui. There is a
problem with windows not releasing memory. We had to upgrade all of our
machines to Windows 2000. We are now on 2000 with the 46C gui (heading for
D) and things are working much better.

One other thing you might want to try is to set your gui to the 'low speed
connection'. We have found this to help with gui problems with no impact
on what the end user sees. I don't know if we tried this on windows 98 but
it seems to help some gui problems on 2000.

"Sugg, Chris"

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Subject: Memory/System requirements
for SAP

03:17 PM

Is it Friday Yet??

We seem to be experiencing memory problems with our developer's and Basis's
PC's. We are well over the recommended levels from SAP per note 26417 for
Windows 98 but are still having problems with memory allocation. Is there
an inherited problem with SAP and Windows 98 not freeing up memory when a
program releases it? The developer's machines are IBM P233's with 256K RAM
and a 6 GB hard drive, with a 17' color monitor. Mine is an IBM laptop
192K of RAM, 6 GB hardrive, with a 17' color monitor hook up.

I can have 2 to 3 SAPGUI sessions and Outlook up but can not open any
attachments, no other programs or print from SAP without problems. Our
developers only have 1 to 2 sessions opened up and and nothing else. When
they try to run SAPscript, it runs out of memory.

This is really starting to become a headache so any suggestions/soluitons
would greatly be appreciated.

Thanks a bunch,

Chris Sugg
SAP Basis Administrator
NACCO Materials Handling Group
1400 Sullivan Drive
Greenville, NC 27834-2011
Phone: (252) 695-1912
Fax #: (252) 931-0934

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