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00222 - ADMIN: About posting

00222 - ADMIN: About posting

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ADMIN: About posting

Hello SAPlings!

I agree to Volker's wish:
Please post only to mailto:sap400Zm...

Currently the eGroup has 92 "members". As I'v seen that some
of us are subscribed with more than one eMail address there
are fewer persons. The mailing list has 280 subscribed addresses.
So the range of your posting is three times larger - good reason?
(Larger or wider?
Native speakers, please brush up my english!)
The number 280 shows me that some of us have already moved to
the eGroup only. AFAIK and have tested some time ago it is still
possible to post to sap400 when you are not subscribed.
Please tell me if I'm wrong.

So I extend to:
Please post to mailto:sap400Zm...
even if you are only member of the eGroup

And another wish from me:
Please quote sparingly!

As we have now an archive which allows us to display the postings
by thread, there is no need to keep the whole "original message"
when answering.

Some useful links about quoting:
- HOWTO Edit Messages - Message Editing and Quoting Guide (with Examples)
- Quoting Style in Newsgroup Postings
- Of proper quoting

About "censorship":
There is no censorship in our community.

As some of you may have observed: The message numbers in the eGroup
are not complete. The "missing" numbers have been deleted by me,
as they were either dublettes or non-informational postings like
"unsubscribe". I just try to keep the archive clean and informational.
I hope you agree with this.

Another one: As we have a search feature in the archive, it would be
very useful to have some "marked keywords" for searching.
I use "ADMIN:" for posting like this and searching for "ADMIN:"
will bring you only these postings - just a handful,
while searching for "admin" will bring two pages full of postings
containing words like administrator, administrate...
So I suggest that we start building a list of keywords to improve
the hit quote...

Kind regards
Dipl.-Ing. Rudolf Wiesmayr /\ Tel: +43 - 0732 / 7070 - 1720
SAP R/3 BASIS & /\ Fax: +43 - 0732 / 7070 - 54 1720
AS/400 Professional System Administrator (IBM Certified Specialist)
Magistrat Linz, ADV/SB, Gruberstrasse 40-42, A-4041 Linz, Austria
SAP on AS/400 mailing list /\ mailto:sap400Zm...
Digital City Linz /\
SOS-Menschenrechte /\
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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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