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00306 - to LPAR or not to LPAR???

00306 - to LPAR or not to LPAR???

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to LPAR or not to LPAR???

At 07:17 PM 01/11/2001 -0500, Jack Pim wrote:
>Hello All,
> I have a question as to everyone's opinion on the configuration of a
> DEV/QAS box. I see customers buying a DEV/QAS boxes then using LPAR's to
> split it up. Why not just install two system like we did before LPARs???
>Memory and processors are sitting there unused when the other system is
>busy??? Curios to know other peoples thoughts??
>Jack Pim
>Technical Consultant
>SAP America

I have had nothing but good experiences with LPARed systems.
It is all in the planing up from and getting the training you need or a
knowledgeable consultant in there

Life will be even better with V5R1 LPAR systems capabilities

Glenn Ericson,
IBM Certified Specialist
Phoenix Consulting LLC
East Elmhurst, NY USA
Phone 718 898 9805 Fax 718 446 1150

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