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00309 - Printer MICR from Sapscript.

00309 - Printer MICR from Sapscript.

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Printer MICR from Sapscript.


We have a Xerox DocuPrint N2125 that we are testing for check printing. In
SPAD, it is set up like this:

Under Device Attributes Tab: HPLJIIID: HP Laserjet3 series PCL-5
Under HostSpoolAccMethod tab: U: Print using Berkeley protocol.

I think we just used what SAP had as standard drivers and didn't add any

We just sent a test check off to the bank for verification.

Hope this helps.

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Sent: Thursday, January 11, 2001 10:53 AM
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Subject: Printer MICR from Sapscript.

We need help and this is the group with the answers!

Scenario: We have and IBM Lexmark Infoprint 40 MICR ready laser
printer on our LAN. It is defined to our AS400 running V4R5M0 SAP 4.6B,
From the AS400 we can print the MICR Fonts with no problem (RPG) .
In SAP we have defined the printer as a 'C:Direct operating system call'
for the Host spool access method (SPAD). The device type is a; ZIBMNP : IBM
InfoPrint 20 R4.x+ ONLY! from sapserv4.

We have installed the device type of ZIBMNP per note 133660. When I
run tcode SO10 and to a select a SAPSCRIPT-MICRTEST the fonts do not display
or print, also from SE73 I print all of the FONTS for this printer and the
MICR_E-13B again does not print the correct fonts. Can anyone verify this on
there 46B system?

Problem. We are using SapScript to create checks and the MICR font
will not print.
Of course I also have a note into OSS but that's not helping.
Anyone have any ideals on what we can do to get this to work?

Mark M. Booth
Southern Wine and Spirits of America, Inc.
SAP Basis Team

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