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00324 - Homogeneous System Copy / different "to" client

00324 - Homogeneous System Copy / different "to" client

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Homogeneous System Copy / different "to" client

A few months ago (pre-egroups), there was a great thread regarding the
save/restore of a production system to refresh a dev/qa system, replete with
post install steps not noted in OSS message 36862 or the "Homogeneous System
Copy" doc on sapnet (pretty much the same thing as far as 400 people are
concerned). If anyone summarized that thread, would you kindly republish?
Question 2 - our PRD client is 400. The development clients are 200, 210,
and 220. The last few times, I've done the save/restore, update instvers
routine, 1 client copy, 2 client deletes, 2 more client copies. There has to
be a better way!(i.e. a client export/import that works and doesn't require
shutting Production down for 12 hours, one client copy to a client 200 in
PRD, then pick up the save/restore??) I admit I have mixed feelings about
restoring production data into a test/development environment (create your
own test data and maintain it - sorry, too many years in QA) but if I really
want my process owners to take responsibility for testing LCP's and program
fix requests (believe me, I REALLY want them to), then I have to be able to
give them data that makes sense to them. Alternatively, does anyone know of
third party software that would help us extract a subset of Production data
(if it hit the GL in the last 18 months, include it?) for refreshing DEV
and/or QA environments (right now, my QA is DEV 220).

Rick Githens

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