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00380 - TemSe problems with job logs.

00380 - TemSe problems with job logs.

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TemSe problems with job logs.


We have a similar situation since we have upgraded from 3.0F to 4.5B some
months ago. Most of the background jobs end up normally (status changed to
'completed', joblog and spoolrequest available). However, for some
background-jobs (mostly the same) stay at status 'active' for hours and
hours. When you execute the 'check status' functionality from SM37, the job
is switched to 'cancelled'.
I got the feeling that this is happening at the end of the job, at the
moment that the Temse-file (containing the joblog) is closed. This
situation appears because the background-process is stopped and, of course,
started again.

SAP/IBM is working on this problem for some time.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Betsy Strebe [SMTP:bstrebeZs...]
> Sent: dinsdag 16 januari 2001 19:02
> To: sap400Zm...
> Subject: TemSe problems with job logs.
> Hi all,
> This morning we are having a lot of fun with TemSe issues. After the PRD
> system
> came up this morning, none of the background jobs after that time would
> complete. All canceled out, and the job log can not be displayed due to
> TemSe
> errors. We did a consistency check in SP12 and SPAD. The consistency
> check in
> SP12 listed errors, which we deleted. But the TemSe errors just keep
> coming up.
> The background job to cleanup spools and TemSe does run everynight, but it
> also
> crashed this morning. Any ideas?
> thanks,
> Betsy

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