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00384 - How to unsubscribe from <A href="/group/SAP on System i/post?postID=2fco6vGg9om-JUKBFmWsrlezxImcNBlCf605dGFCwcS2KY9FJyzcHvIKmQRhz_ba6WMg2C36HOI">SAP400Zm...</A> SAP400Zm..." /> SAP400Zm..." />

00384 - How to unsubscribe from SAP400Zm...

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How to unsubscribe from SAP400Zm...


Many are attempting to unsubscribe recently, mainly I think because they wish to
only use
the list at
However because the 'unsubscribe' notices are getting to the mailing list(s),
then they are being
done in error, so a refresher seems in order.

If you ever want to remove yourself from this ( SAP400Zm... ) mailing
list, send a mail
from the account you are subscribed with To

MajordomoZm... &lt; Please note it says Majordomo NOT SAP400 &gt;
with the following in the BODY of your email message:

unsubscribe sap400

if this is done correctly, you will receive a messsage from the server saying
'successful' and
people on the general mailing list will not even see that you have unsubscribed.

If you have not already you may wish to subscribe to the egroups list
Some advantages on doing so is a searchable archive, ability to view email
online if required, all messages start with the word enabling
easy filling/forwarding rules if required. The slight disadvantage is that the
to the egroup list arrive slightly later, but that it is hardly noticable.

To subscribe to SAP on System
Either goto on System i
for those without access to the web send an email to
SAP on System

Kind regards,


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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