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00445 - SAPGUI Central Administration - Novell

00445 - SAPGUI Central Administration - Novell

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SAPGUI Central Administration - Novell

Dear Colleagues,

We would like your input on how you are centrally administering your
SAPGUI clients. We are on R/3 4.6C, kernel 4.6D, SAPGUI 4.6D
compilation 3. Currently our GUI clients may be Windows 95, 98, 2000 or
NT. We are running Novell Netware at a release greater than 4.11. I
believe it is at release 5.xx.

We are hoping to be able to avoid setting up the Service Installation
Service (SIS) and just be able to install directly from the Installation
Server. For our release of Netware, SAP says to "create a local account
for the NetInstall Service on every Windows NT or Windows 2000
workstation", and also to do the same in the Network Directory Services
(NDS) where the Netinstall share lies. Does this open a way to install
directly from the Novell server since the same user account with the
proper authority exists on both machines? What if you install the SIS
and the installation server on the same box? Can that box be a Novell
server or does one of them have to be running a Windows OS?

I apologize for not being more network knowledgeable and look forward to
hearing from those of you who are!!!


Robert Ingrum
Louis Dreyfus

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