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00454 - New Member

00454 - New Member

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New Member

Hi Dieter,

I don't know from here the problem, but please give me a call then we can
try and fix it. As I'm one of the moderators we can get to the clou.
I checked it: You ARE member. So I think you receive all e-mails as well.

Might it be that you used several different PCs for setting up so that the
current PC you are failing with has perhaps only "welcome guest" in the top
instead of "welcome e-mail-adress" ? This would explain your problems.

When the problem is fixed, we can publicate it in this group.


Volker Gueldenpfennig

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Huber, Dieter
> Sent: Dienstag, 23. Januar 2001 22:18
> To: SAP on System
> Subject: New Member
> Hi,
> I can't access to on System i
> nevertheless I'm a member. Why?
> Yours Dieter
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