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00539 - New to SAP and not yet on AS/400

00539 - New to SAP and not yet on AS/400

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New to SAP and not yet on AS/400

We do not have any NT background; but here is our "Success Story" - a piece
developed by SAP & IBM
We've been working with SAP on AS/400 since 04/1997; live since 04/1998

Doreen Anderson
Operations / SAP Basis Manager
Ball Horticultural Company

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Sent: Monday, January 29, 2001 3:44 PM
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Subject: New to SAP and not yet on AS/400

Hi Sappers,

Please let me introduce myself.

I'm working in the European headquarter of Pioneer.
A couple of years ago, the branch office in the Netherlands started with SAP
for the day-to-day business ( sales, stock, accounting, ... ).
They are running the SAP environment on some WinNT servers.

The general idea is that the complete SAP-system will be transferred to Antwerp.
Other countries in Europe will also be using SAP in the near future on one and
the same Hardware located here.
Development, Support and Maintenance will be done from the HQ in Antwerp.

The 3 people who will be responsible for the non-development area of SAP,
have a lot of experience with AS/400 and its predecessor S/38.
Only 2 of us have little NT knowledge. We haven't had any course of SAP yet.
We have had a 3 weeks introduction from 2 people with some years experience.
A colleague from the Netherlands will be joining us during the hand over.
He have had most of the system-related courses from SAP.

We still believe that the AS/400 is far more better than WinNT.
However, the management is not convinced about SAP on AS/400.
Even the SAP-consultants really don't like the idea of switching to AS/400.
Personally, I think that they don't know anything about 400 and are therefore
afraid of losing the contract, should we decide to go from NT to AS/400.

This brings me to my first question :
Can anyone of You help me with some "succes"-stories from SAP on AS/400 ?
It would be even better if You have done the switch from NT to 400.

I've heard from some people that SAP is a "Black Box" and that it really doesn't
care on which platform you're running it.
I'm not pretending that I'm an AS/400-guru, but the operating system itself and
everything related to it, is what's really important to me in my daily job.
Should we decide to make the switch to AS/400, will my knowledge of the AS/400
come in handy and will I still be able to explore the OS and all his goodies ?

Any feedback is really appreciated !


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