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00540 - ADMIN: Please keep posting to SAP400

00540 - ADMIN: Please keep posting to SAP400

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ADMIN: Please keep posting to SAP400

Greetings Rudi,

Thanks for getting back, and we all greatly appreciate whatever personnel mode
you find time for.

I, too, looked all through the help before posting my message. But, wanted to
let you know that Robert Clay's response to my message actually works. I don't
know why, but it does. I always thought the "re: " part of a reply was just a
polite way of referencing another message, but it appears to link them somehow
in the e/consolutgroup. A copy of his reply follows:


Robert Clay's response:


Just start a new email message addressed to the SAP400 mailing list.
In the subject line, type "Re: " (be sure to use a trailing space).
Then, complete the subject line by cutting and pasting the original subject

This won't include the original message, but that cuts down on the space
utilized anyway and the thread will still be intact.

I've done just these steps in this message.


Robert Clay

Wiesmayr Rudolf <Rudolf.WiesmayrZm...> on 01/30/2001 02:00:59 AM

To: "'sap400Zm...'" <sap400Zm...>

Subject: RE: ADMIN: Please keep posting to SAP400

Hello Betsy!

FOA: Sorry for the late answer,
we are currently in "low personnel mode"...

About REPLYing:
That 's really a problem when one has unsubscribed from SAP400,
because there seems to be no way of overriding the addresses
'proposed' by the eGroup - oops! - consolutGroup.

I did not find a solution in the help pages, so I think the
solution space has only one element:
Keep subscribed to SAP400 AND
keep posting to SAP400 AND
use the consolutGroup only as an archive.

Other opinions or solutions?

Kind regards

-----Original Message-----
From: Betsy Strebe [mailto:bstrebeZs...]
Sent: Wednesday, January 24, 2001 2:47 AM
To: Wiesmayr Rudolf
Subject: Re: ADMIN: Please keep posting to SAP400

Hi Rudi,

How about REPLYs to messages? I am only seeing the messages through
SAP on System i since I have elected not to receive them through my
email address. This leaves me only the option of replying to
messages through the SAP on System i and the e-mail address option does
not allow me to type in the SAP400 address (or am I doing something
wrong?). I am only allowed the option of two addresses at reply
time -- the one for the egroup and the message originator.

you know me, I have lots to say and I want to get it right! 🙂


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