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00560 - Journaling to separate User-ASP

00560 - Journaling to separate User-ASP

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Journaling to separate User-ASP

Hi Erik,

As you probably already know I still use ASP2 for journals on all four SAP
mashines that I have.

Klaus Lindegaard
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Fra: rexZd... [mailto:rexZd...]
Sendt: 31. januar 2001 09:14
Til: sap400Zm...
Emne: Journaling to separate User-ASP

Question regarding Journaling,
I would like to get an understanding about, if the SAP iSeries community
use User-ASP's or not.
I know the recommendation is to use User-ASP, but also I know that
System-Software, -Hardware and especially
Disk controllers has changed since that recommendation was made many years

Med venlig hilsen,
Erik Rex
AS/400 MSS Technical Support Nordic
Remember, in the end there will be only one
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phone: +45 45233326 fax: +45 45965036
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