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00586 - Installing 3.1H on V4R4

00586 - Installing 3.1H on V4R4

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Installing 3.1H on V4R4

Good afternoon, I'm installing our 3.1H system on a AS400 V4R4M0 , which
is where our 4.5B system already resides. The install failed after the
second DB load CD finished and the message queue requested the Kernel CD.
The system replied to the message with a *N, which caused the install to
fail. I never had the chance to load the kernel CD for the post
installation files to be loaded. If I choose option 3 to install again
will the process begin were it left off or do I have to run the whole
installation again? Is their a way to load the post install files without
doing the install again. Thanks again for your help.

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