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00593 - Failed Installation

00593 - Failed Installation

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Failed Installation

Good evening, Thanks for your help. I was able continue the 31H
installation at the Post load of install files. Unfortunately, the
install failed because the install could not start sap to run the reports.
The logs specify two types of errors, one is a swapspace error,
RESIZE_EM_ALLOC_ERROR. The second error is a Kernel program error, which
the notes say is fixed with a higher patch level preferably a 3.1I kernel
upgrade. My question is can I upgrade the kernel before the install is
successfully completed? I am using a 3.1H install kit for a V4R4M0
as/400 and I am using kernel CD R31H7042 which is supposed to replace
R31H7022. Thanks again for all your help.

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