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00597 - OS/400 Upgrade V4R3 -> V4R5

00597 - OS/400 Upgrade V4R3 -> V4R5

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OS/400 Upgrade V4R3 -> V4R5

Hello John,

we have upgraded our system 730 - 8 way two weeks before. We have installed SAP
R/3 4.0B and we had no problems after upgrade.
Be sure to have the latest PTF's for V4R5 (Info-Apar II12399) and the latest
kernel patch installed.
Check the upgrade-CD's for physically damages! We had a problem with upgrade
after installing the LIC-Code. The CD with licensed programs was damaged and we
had to rerun the upgrade. Fortunately we had had the CD twice!


Manfred Grube

John Kelly schrieb:

> I saw recently where Volker Gueldenpfennig spoke about the last PTFs for
> V4R3 and NOT to apply them. Thanks.
> We are a V4R3 shop and obviously need to migrate to V4R5. Can anyone relate
> their experiences during the upgrade? Good or Bad.
> We are using 3.1I SAP installation. Any gotchyas out there?
> TIA for the information.
> John
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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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