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00605 - Locking Printers: Mass Processing

00605 - Locking Printers: Mass Processing

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Locking Printers: Mass Processing

Hi Mike:

We just got a simple remedy for any mass operation in SAP. We use CATT
scripts. With few minutes work on script and some more time on the data
preparation, you can lock or create users, printers, data entry, etc. It is
quite convenience. You can reuse the scripts in other system and in future.


Zhihong Zhao
SAP Basis Analyst
DairyFarmers Project Enterprise

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> From: Mike Martin, IS, Sousa [SMTP:MMartinZs...]
> Sent: Saturday, 3 February 2001 11:35
> To: SAP - AS/400 List (E-mail)
> Subject: Locking Printers: Mass Processing
> SAPers,
> In 3.1H, I used table TSP03D (field PADISABLED) to massively lock/unlock
> printers in R/3. This is very useful, for example, after refreshing your
> TST system and you want to lock all but a couple printers.
> Now, we've upgraded to 4.5B. I did a refresh of TST from PRD. I updated
> TSP03D-PADISABLED to lock all printers. I enter SPAD and all printers
> show as locked (red). When viewing the detail in SPAD, the flag 'Lock
> printer in R/3 system' is checked for all printers.
> When I print to a locked printer, the spool request is created and output
> is sent to the remote writer...the printer isn't really locked!
> So, to help remedy this, I had to enter spad and unlock, save, lock, and
> save again all printers. This is so ridiculous it leads me to ask the
> following: is there an automated method to lock/unlock printers massively
> in the system?
> Also, it appears that by checking the box to lock a printer, several
> tables (or flags) are being updated in R/3. However, when starting SPAD,
> only TSP03D-PADISABLED is being checked to determine which printers are
> locked. First, this seems strange and can obviously lead to many
> inconsistencies. Second, does anyone know ALL the tables that need to be
> updated (via SQL, etc.) to lock/unlock printers?
> As always, any help is greatly appreciated.
> Regards,
> Mike D. Martin
> SAP Basis Administrator
> SOLA Optical, USA
> 707-763-9911 x6106
> mmartinZs...

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