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00617 - SAVR3SYS and save while active?

00617 - SAVR3SYS and save while active?

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SAVR3SYS and save while active?

Hi Thierry,

When you installed the new kernel there might be an outdated version of
SAVR3SYS on this CD. After a new kernel note 86305 should always be
reapplied and so SAVR3SYS is OK then again.
When you should become problems with the option *DSCDB please try the note
202593. This has nothing to do with *END, this should work with an updated
version of SAVR3SYS in any case.

Unfortunately SAVR3SYS is outdated on EVERY KERNEL-CD we send out. So we
tried on the last CDs to leave it out. You have to apply the SAPSERVx
objects even when it tells you you would override newer objects with older


Volker Gueldenpfennig

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Subject: SAVR3SYS and save while active?


R/3 4.5B. We have tried SAVR3SYS with various options, but I find something
strange: when using options *DSC or even *END, it seems like if SAVR3SYS
also does a save while active, because output shows it waits for
synchronisation. I don't see why it does this, especially for a backup in
*END mode where R/3 is completely stopped. It doesnt happen at another
customer in release 3.1I.

Any idea?



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