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00652 - SAP 4.6x on V4R5: SQLPKG trouble?

00652 - SAP 4.6x on V4R5: SQLPKG trouble?

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SAP 4.6x on V4R5: SQLPKG trouble?


This is a list of PTF I received from IBM in order to solve the problem:
load latest cumpack, latest group DB
Then load
SF64305, SF64935, SF64894, SF64383, SF64928 and SF64627.

I'm still testing these PTF's, so I cannot tell you if they really solve
the problem. When you have an overflow of your sqlpck, check the return
code. If it's 7, then they should solve it.



Craig_WelchZb... on 06/02/2001 23:34:18

To: sap400Zm...
cc: JDOLLZp... (bcc: Luc Verheggen/BEGyproc/PlasterStone/Etex

Subject: Re: SAP 4.6x on V4R5: SQLPKG trouble?

We are on V4R4 running 4.6 and have had to shut down and delete SQL
packages once a week. I had a note open with SAP. I am trying to verify
that in fact the PTF's we applied have resolved the problems. I saw a
posting recently that it wasn't fixed so I'd like reassurance before
stopping the weekly SQLPKG deleting.

I can't comment on the temporary storage.


JIM DOLL <JDOLLZp...> on 02/06/2001 02:51:38 PM

To: sap400Zm...

Subject: SAP 4.6x on V4R5: SQLPKG trouble?

We've heard a rumor from an application service provider that several
companies live with SAP 4.6 on V4R5 have been having problems that require
them to shutdown and delete SQLPKG's regularly. Sounds like some
(even more than normal) amounts of temporary storage used, as well.

Anyone experience such problems, or can confirm or deny the rumor?

Jim Doll, Perrigo

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