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00673 - "Period missing after 'END-OF-DEFINITION'" message

00673 - "Period missing after 'END-OF-DEFINITION'" message

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"Period missing after 'END-OF-DEFINITION'" message

Hello! We are on an AS/400 release 4.5B. We received a message this
processing terminated message:
Syntax error in program SAPL080I
in include <CONTRO>
in line 56
Last changed by SAP
Author SAP

Period missing after "END-OF-DEFINITION".
This error occurred in the customizing transaction OVAU on Monday afternoon
We took the same steps you did. We received the error numerous time. One
of our developers was able to get the program to compile.
We had our normal backups that night.
On Tuesday, we were able to enter the transaction without problem. NO
One note, we applied hot packages 27 - 34 in this machine over a week ago
and this was the first time our functional specialist used that transaction
If you receive any additional information, I would appreciate you passing
the info to me.
Greg Nelson

JIM DOLL <JDOLLZp...> on 02/07/2001 08:08:17 AM

To: sap400Zm...

Subject: "Period missing after 'END-OF-DEFINITION'" message

I was planning to put an OSS message in, but thought that I'd poll the

We're on 4.6C. On two separate occasions, we've received the above
Both times, config folks were in SPRO. One program was "SAPL0L12"; the
other was "SAPLWMC1".

Otherwise, the rest of the message matched:

Box comes up labeled "Output types"
Syntax error in program SAPL0L12 (or SAPLWMC1)
in include <CONTRO>
in line 56
Last changed by SAP
Author SAP

Period missing after "END-OF-DEFINITION".

In the first case, I was able to recreate the problem until the next day,
after we had shut down. Then I got a "Compiling....." message, and all was

In the second case, I received the "Compiling....." message right away, and
then it was OK.

Any suggestions?


Jim Doll, Perrigo BASISist

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