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00736 - DBSTATDB4

00736 - DBSTATDB4

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You need to schedule a job to execute program RSDB409C with variant.
Weekly is suggested.

The file names to check afterwards for number of deleted records are

Reorg will get you the wasted space back. If you cant reorg (due to need to
stop SAP first) the file is managable if you run the above ABAP regularly
(eg. a Production system running SAP for one year without any reorgs has
DBSTATHDB4 of 162 MB with 506,000 records, 185,000 deleted records.)


Michael Power
SAP Basis Consultant (iSeries400)
Data#3 Limited

EMail: Michael_PowerZd...

H Chan <hchan28Zy...> on 09/02/2001 05:15:45 AM

To: sap400Zm...

Subject: DBSTATDB4

The table DBSTATDB4 is taking up 7% of our R/3 data
library. Can I safely clear this table, or is there a
cleanup program I can run to do this.
Is there a way to stop this table using up so much
space again?

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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