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00745 - NT app servers on AS/400

00745 - NT app servers on AS/400

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NT app servers on AS/400

Hi David,

unfortunately I can't answer all the questions by now, as I don't know the
current status as I'm in febrary in Palo Alto an not in Walldorf.

CA is planned for the second quarter. I would expect GA in the 3. or 4.
quarter 2001.

- Some customers just WANT the appl server on NT
- APO will become available only on this solution
- HW costs

AS/400 daatbase instance, central instance on AS/400 will be supported for
sure. Probably it will be a central instance supported on NT as well (when
not, you'd use a very small central instance on AS/400 without any logging
on!). You can attach as many NT appl-servers as you want to one SAP system.

We are currently testing the functionality and find out that it "seems" to
be fast when the loads are all generated. Unfortunately benchmarking is not
done by now.

It is obvious that the support requirements will grow when using many
different servers and all attaching them to 1 system. This was always on
other polatforms and will become true for this solution as well. When you
like/need NT as appl server you have to invest this effort in support and
maintance. Out of the fact of APO you won't NEED (you are not forced) the NT
The Unicode's database's size will be about the factor 1.6 compared to an
EBCDIC database.

When this is not fine on your site, you can and should stay on the pure
AS/400 solution in 2-tier or 3-tier with AS/400.


Volker Gueldenpfennig

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From: David Eyles [mailto:Eyles_DavidZc...]
Sent: Monday, February 12, 2001 11:27 AM
To: Gueldenpfennig, Volker
Subject: NT app servers on AS/400

Hi Volker

I have a couple of questions :

Approx. when will this be released for general availability?.

What is the main advantage of this - is it the cheaper hardware cost of NT

Can we have an AS/400 DB instance, an seperate NT central instance, and
several NT app. servers all working together.

Would there be much of a performance hit on end user response time in this

What would be the main disadvantage of this config - more complex support
requirements, increased DB size because of Unicode??

Many thanks,


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