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00749 - SCC5 failed. Run-time error "OPEN_DATASET_NO_A UTHORITY"

00749 - SCC5 failed. Run-time error "OPEN_DATASET_NO_A UTHORITY"

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SCC5 failed. Run-time error "OPEN_DATASET_NO_A UTHORITY"


did you already try to delete SAP* in USR02 and logon with password PASS ?
When this doesn't work as well, an OSS message might really be necessary,
because the client will be in a very inconsistent state at the moment.

Are you running by any chance 4.6x ? What is your kernel-level?


Volker Gueldenpfennig

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From: adowZs... [mailto:adowZs...]
Sent: Monday, February 12, 2001 1:56 PM
Subject: SCC5 failed. Run-time error

I scheduled a job to delete a client using SCC5 last weekend. The job
was cancelled after about 12 hours with an error - Run-time
error "OPEN_DATASET_NO_AUTHORITY" occurred. The dump said
"No authorization to open the file "/usr/sap/trans/log/CC000006.PRD".

The job was submitted under my user ID originally. Now I want to get
back to SCC5 screen but I have lost all my authorities to all the
transactions. I tried to do the same thing with user ID SAP* and DDIC
and it seems like they both lost all the authorities as well. I went
back to the DEV system and refreshed my user profile (which still has
*SAPALL set for the deleted client) using SU01 and it still did not
help. What should I do at this moment? Please help. Thank

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