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EHS_MD_135_01 - Set Up Expert

EHS_MD_135_01 - Set Up Expert

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In this IMG activity, you install the Expert supplementary application. With the sets of rules defined in Expert, you can derive secondary data for specification data. For example, you can specify that the relevant R and S phrases are derived for specific specification data and stored in the SAP system.

If you have processed this IMG activity and the following IMG activities, you can configure Expert servers as Microsoft Windows services or as console programs.
In contrast to the console program, no user needs to be logged on for Microsoft Windows services in order to execute the Microsoft Windows service, which means, for example, that a service can be started automatically as a background process when the system is started up.

The following options are available for setting up the Expert servers (see IMG section Configuration of Expert Servers).

  • As a Microsoft Windows service using service administration
This option is available in a productive system.
  • As a Microsoft Windows service using Customizing, local tools, and Windows operating system resources
  • As a console program using Customizing, local tools, and Windows operating system resources


We recommend you use service administration.

Expert runs on all common Microsoft Windows operating systems.

You will find the installation program for Expert on the current SAP Server Components CD.

Execute the installation program and follow the user instructions.

  • For the installation of the Expert server, choose the setup type Expert Server.
  • For the installation of the Expert rule editor, choose the setup type Rule Editor.
  • If you want to install the Expert server and the rule editor on the same PC for test purposes, choose the setup type Server & Rule Editor.

Ensure that you enter the correct data when the system prompts for the version of the module. Otherwise problems may occur when you work with Expert.


During installation, a dialog box appears that contains icons with the links to the programs Expert Rule Editor (RuleEdit.exe), Expert Server (EhsExper.exe), Expert Admin (ExpAdmin.exe), and Remove Expert, depending on the setup type you chose. You can copy these icons to your desktop using drag and drop.

When you have installed Expert successfully, a directory is created on your PC with the name that you specified during installation (default name: C:\Program Files\EHS\Expert) and that contains all the relevant subdirectories and files.

  • The subdirectory RULES is the default directory for your sets of rules and already contains sample sets of rules.
  • The subdirectory LOG is used to store log files for Expert if log creation is activated.
  • The subdirectory BIN contains executable programs.

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