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/PM0/FSPM_PRODUCT_SHIFT_BACK - Function Module for Shift Start

/PM0/FSPM_PRODUCT_SHIFT_BACK - Function Module for Shift Start

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You use this function module to schedule a BTS date for the execution of a corrected policy issuance with start date shift.

The system returns the error and status messages (parameter ET_MESSAGES).

For more information, see the parameter documentation. In the function module, choose the Import and Export tab page.



  • The function module can only be called synchronously. It does not return any exceptions.
  • The function module expects the data in internal format. No conversion routines are executed (for example 20160202 instead of 02.02.2016).
  • It is not possible to transfer further data to the function module, for example, through the ExtensionIn parameter.

Further information

For more information about the execution of a corrected policy issuance, see SAP Help Portal under

Choose SAP Policy Management -> Application Help -> Policy Management -> In-Force Business Management -> Reversal and Reset -> Execute Corrected Policy Issuance.





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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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