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/SAPAPO/LRP_GWA_GWDATA_CONV - GW Daten in das WFM-Format konvertieren

/SAPAPO/LRP_GWA_GWDATA_CONV - GW Daten in das WFM-Format konvertieren

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This function module contains the data from the GW (or more precicely, from the CRM MW system in which the connection to the groupware server is maintained) and maps the data in WFM core objects.

The format /SAPAPO/LRP_GW_QGWFORMAT is based on the iCal standard RFC2445. It contains the data for the actual GW object as well as sections for the participants and information or periodic rules. All sections are broken down into a data part (DATA), a control part (CONTROL), and a flag bar (FLAG) (which data fields are filled). In the CONTROL part, the TASK parameter specifies what happens to the data (create, change, delete).

The status of the GW object is stored in class /SAPAPO/CL_LRP_GW_GWOP and the status of the WFM object is stored in class /SAPAPO/CL_LRP_GW_WFMOP. These have a 1:1 relationship. Both objects refer to class SAPAPO/CL_LRP_GW_RESP, which contains the resources and GW user information.

If an error occurs when processing a WFM object, the internal objects (GWOP and WFMOP) are returned to the last error-free status. For any remaining GW objects, processing continues and (as long as no errors occur) they are saved.

Any errors that occur are written to the application log.



Further information

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- Function Module '/SAPAPO/LRP_GWA_WFMDATA_CONV' Convert WFM Data to GW Format

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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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