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/SAPAPO/LRP_SUBSCRIBE - For subscription of object-events

/SAPAPO/LRP_SUBSCRIBE - For subscription of object-events

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This function module can be used by a WFM application to register for object events in the WFM Publisher dynamically (in other words, during the program run). The logical system, the application category, and the function module name must be contained in the import parameter I_DESTINATION. This data is needed for the recall to the Publisher application if the object event is triggered.

The import parameter IT_SUBSCRIPTION consists of a table of object events, which can be included or excluded. An object event consists of an application category, an object category (ASGN for assignment, DEMA for personnel requirement, RESO for personnel resource, and TMSP for time specification), an event category (C for new, D for deleted, and M for modified), and an object ID, which is used to identify a specific object (=external GUID for the WFM Core).

Invalid import parameters are returned in ET_INVALID_OBJECTS or E_INVALID_DEST.

Note: Another type of registration takes place through Customizing. See the IMG activity 'Define event handling for WFM Objects' in the WFM Core IMG.

See also the function module /SAPAPO/LRP_UNSUBSCRIBE.




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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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