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/AIN/PUB_BTD_HIER_ASSIGN - Assign Hierarchy to Business Transaction Document

/AIN/PUB_BTD_HIER_ASSIGN - Assign Hierarchy to Business Transaction Document

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The assign hierarchy to business transaction document (BTD) service enables a calling application such as an activity, user interface, or custom application to associate a physical object hierarchy with a BTD in SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure (SAP AII).


If you write your own custom activity to be called in an outbound loading scenario, you can use this service to associate the scanned tag IDs with an outbound delivery. If you have already created a pack hierarchy using the physical object core services, you can call the service and use the top object (that is, the pallet) to associate the hierarchy with the BTD.


This core service documentation is intended for technical developers and implementation consultants. For information about the individual parameters, see the SAP AII system documentation on parameters.

Interaction with Physical Object

This service uses the Physical Object Internal Identifier (POBJ_INTID) to read attributes of existing instances of physical object to update the attributes of the BTD node BTD Object Actual for the given object(s).

Data persistency

This service does not persist any data to the AII database. Only internal buffer tables are updated (stateful service). It is the responsibility of the caller to persist the new/ or modified data to the SAP AII database by calling the service /AIN/PUB_BO_SAVE.

Commit handling

This service does not commit any information to the SAP AII database. It is the responsibility of the calling application to process the messages generated by the service in the ET_RETURN table and commit (or rollback) by calling the service /AIN/PUB_DATABASE_COMMIT or /AIN/PUB_DATABASE_ROLLBACK.

Message Handling

Messages generated by the services are not stored in any application log. It is the responsibility of the calling application to store the application log entries in the relevant application log objects. All messages that are generated during the service call are returned to the calling application.

Integration with external systems

This service only affects data within SAP AII; it does not does not send data to external systems.

Further information

The documentation for core services can be found in SAP Help Portal at → mySAP Business Suite → SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure → Auto-ID Core Services.





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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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