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/AIN/PUB_DEVGRP_SIMPLEBY_ROLE - Retrieve device group data by device group role

/AIN/PUB_DEVGRP_SIMPLEBY_ROLE - Retrieve device group data by device group role

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The device group role query service enables a calling application such as an activity, user interface, or custom application to retrieve the device group(s) by role in SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure (SAP AII).


The calling application needs to retrieve the device groups that have a certain role, such as load, pack, or tag commissioning.


This core service documentation is intended for technical developers and implementation consultants. For information about parameters, see the individual parameter documentation in SAP AII.

Message Handling

The messages generated by the services are not stored in any application log. It is the responsibility of the calling application to store the application log entries in the relevant application log objects. All messages that are generated during the service call are returned to the calling application.

Further information

For more information, see the documentation for core services in the SAP Help Portal at → Documentation → SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure → Auto-ID Core Services.





Function Group


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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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