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/AIN/PUB_POBJ_ALLCHILDOBJ_GET - Retrieve All Child Physical Objects by Internal ID

/AIN/PUB_POBJ_ALLCHILDOBJ_GET - Retrieve All Child Physical Objects by Internal ID

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The physical object get all childrenservice enables a calling application such as an activity, user interface, or custom application, to query all children of a given business object physical object in SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure (SAP AII).

The service takes the internal ID of a physical object as the input, and then it returns this object's child objects along with their parent-child pair relationships.


Physical objects represent real world objects in SAP AII. Often these objects are RFID-tagged and can have hierarchical relationships among them. For example, one pallet might contain 5 cases, and each case might contain 10 items. In this scenario, the physical object get all childrenservice takes the internal ID of the pallet as input; and returns the internal IDs of the 5 cases and 50 items along with their parent physical objects' internal IDs .


This core service documentation is intended for technical developers and implementation consultants. For information about the individual parameters, see the SAP AII system documentation.

Message Handling

Messages generated by the services are not stored in any application log. It is the responsibility of the calling application to store the application log entries in the relevant application log objects. All the messages that are generated during the service call are returned to the calling application.

Further information

The documentation for core services can be found in SAP Help Portal at → Documentation → SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure → Auto-ID Core Services.





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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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