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/AIN/PUB_POBJ_CREATE - Physical Object Creation

/AIN/PUB_POBJ_CREATE - Physical Object Creation

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This service enables a calling application such as an activity, user interface, or custom application to create physical objects in SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure (SAP AII).

To ensure data integrality, SAP AII performs the following checks before a physical object is created:

  • The object's internal ID is provided *.
  • The object does not exist
  • Proper object status and inventory status are provided
  • Time stamp and user name are provided
  • If product ID is provided, then the unit of measure (UoM) is provided
  • If the physical object to be created is a tagged object (that is, a physical object with an external ID), then the object has to be a standalone object (that is, it has neither child nor parent objects).
  • If the object to be created is an untagged object (that is, a physical object without an external ID), then the object must have a tagged parent object, but it cannot have a child object.
  • The location ID must be provided
  • If the object's external ID is provided, then the ID version must also be provided. In addition, the external ID must not yet exist.
  • Only one external ID is allowed for an object.

* The core service /AIN/PUB_INTID_GENERATE should be used to create the physical object internal ID.



This core service documentation is intended for technical developers and implementation consultants. For information about the individual parameters, see the SAP AII system documentation for parameters.

Messages generated by the services are not stored in any application log. It is the responsibility of the calling application to store the application log entries in the relevant application log objects. All the messages that are generated during the service call are returned to the calling application.

This service does not commit any information to the SAP AII database. It is the responsibility of the calling application to perform the following sequential steps:

  1. Trigger the database update statements by using the service /AIN/PUB_BO_SAVE
  2. Perform commit work (by using the service /AIN/PUB_DATABASE_COMMIT) or rollback (by using the service /AIN/PUB_DATABASE_ROLLBACK), depending on the values in the table ET_RETURN. If the table is empty, the system performs commit work; if not, it performs rollback.

Further information

The documentation for core services can be found in SAP Help Portal at → mySAP Business Suite → SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure → Auto-ID Core Services.





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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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