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/BA1/F4_SH_REF_RATE_F4_AM - Example of a Search Help Exit

/BA1/F4_SH_REF_RATE_F4_AM - Example of a Search Help Exit

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This module is only used as an example for the interface and design of search help exits in search helps.

All interface parameters defined here are mandatory for a function module that is to be used as a search help exit because the caller of module does not know which parameters are actually used internally.

A search help is accessed for several events during the F4 process flow. The respective step in the process flow is specified in the CALLCONTROL-STEP. If the module is only to perform some modifications before the step, CALLCONTROL-STEP should not be modified.

If the step is to be transferred completely by the module, the next step must be returned in CALLCONTROL-STEP.

Refer to the detailed documentation on the search help exit concept.

The module must respond to all steps that it does not recognize or those that it cannot handle with an immediate EXIT.




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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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