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rdisp/max_wprun_time - Maximum work process run time   General Material Data  
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This function module was generated from the object
/BA1/B123 and the method RATECREATE
for the BAPI call up by means of ALE.

The module interface has been defined as a standard API in ALE, and the data is provided by the ALE layer.

The function module is started in the incoming system by the ALE layer. It converts the data from the IDoc to BAPI parameters, then calls the BAPI up in the incoming system. For more information on this BAPI, see /BA1/F4_MAPI_INTRATES_CREATE

When this function module is executed, a new IDoc status is written. This status shows whether the BAPI call up was successful in this system (status 53) or was unsuccessful (status 51).

The ALE layer writes the IDoc status according to the BAPI return parameter, or if there are errors in the ALE layer. Effects of the BAPI return parameters:

  • If the BAPI return parameter is an export parameter, then an IDoc status record is written. The IDoc is assigned the status 51 (application document not posted) if the message is of the A or E type. Otherwise the IDoc is assigned the status 53 (application document posted) for message type W, I or S.
  • If the return parameter is a table parameter, then more than one IDoc status record can be written. Message types determine the IDoc status. If a message is of the A or E type in the table,then the system writes the status 51(application document not posted) for all entries of types A, E, W, or I, but not those of type S. No IDoc status is displayed for messages from the type S. If none of the messages in the table is of type A or E, then the system writes the status 53 (application document posted) for W, I, or S. The status records are written in the sequence that the messages have in the return parameter.
  • If the return parameter was not filled, this means that the BAPI was called successfully. In this case, the ALE layer writes an IDoc status record with status 53 (application document posted)

If errors occur, the application must ensure that the data is consistent, for example, by resetting the unwanted changes by a ROLLBACK.

If errors occur, the ALE error handling is available (creation of a workitem).





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TXBHW - Original Tax Base Amount in Local Currency   TXBHW - Original Tax Base Amount in Local Currency  
This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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