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/FRE/DB_MSG_READ_FOR_OPM - Reads OPM Relevant Exceptions for Location Products

/FRE/DB_MSG_READ_FOR_OPM - Reads OPM Relevant Exceptions for Location Products

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This function module is intended for reading exceptions in SAP Retail Forecasting and Replenishment (F&R) and thereby fulfills the specific requirements of order proposal management.

If only the IT_PRODUCT parameter has an entry, but no location is provided with the parameter I_LOCATION, the module delivers all product-related F&R exceptions that are relevant for OPM. ("Relevant for OPM" means that the exception attribute OPM_FLAG is set, which prevents an order proposal related to this exception from being released automatically.)

If a location AND products are provided, the module returns all location-product-related F&R exceptions (with parameter ET_MSG_LOCPROD) on the one hand and all location-related (but not product-related) F&R exceptions (with parameter ET_MSG_LOC) on the other hand. In this case, too, the module returns only the OPM relevant exceptions.

Note: The module only returns exceptions that have the status 'not yet processed' and that have not yet reached their expiration date.



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This documentation is copyright by SAP AG.

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